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Customized Orders

• Working with only 18 Gold Karats and Diamond sizes from 0,005ct (1.00mm). We have a powerful base or the raw materials to perform the alchemy of aesthetics. 

• Discussing the slightest details with the client enables us to fully grasp the idea of our clients, and implement their ideas with powerful design skills. 

• Over 3 Decades of Expertise allows us to create unimaginable masterpieces of Jewelry art in each of our models. 

• Provide multiply changes to designs till 101% satisfaction of clients. 

• Guarantee of Outstanding Quality on Small and Bulk Customized Orders. 

• Creating orders within the initial discussed budget and time frame. 


· Share your designs or concept to get instant quotes 

· Freedom to customize your Jewelry and designs according to your requirements. 

· 3d CAD designing · High quality jewelry renders image. 

· Custom Text engraving for your loved ones. 

· Engrave your company's Logo on Jewelry. 

· Professional Photos and videos of Products.

Our Factory

Manual Jewelry Sketch 

Manual Jewelry Sketch for better and free hand customization.

CAD Design

Jewelry Design in CAD to check all perspective.

Wax Model

After CAD design jewelry is process in Wax model for quick physical overview.

Casting Process

After the wax model the piece is further casted in gold metal.

Filing Process

After getting raw casting from hot Furness our craftsman's give it proper shape and structure.


After Filing process it is necessary to polish the jewelry before diamond setting.

Diamond Sorting

Perfect size and high quality diamonds sorting for jewelry.

Diamond Setting

Once the piece gets ready for Diamond setting, we make sure to set the perfect size best quality diamonds.

Final Polish

Typically, after the diamond is set, it is polished to bring out the shine and smooth finish of the jewelry.

Ultra-cleaning & Steam Wash

Ultra-cleaning and High pressure Steam wash of the jewelry after final polish to clean out the dust from the jewelry.

Laser Engraving

Laser text & logo engraving according to client's preference.

Strict Quality Check

We make sure to do quality checks throughout the process however once the piece is completed, we make sure a strict quality check before sending them to our clients.

The Final Product

After all above process, what we get is a Masterpiece in itself and reflects our high quality craftmanship.